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You work for a global company with a global supply chain—one that might span dozens of countries, regions, or commodity sectors. So even as you build a coherent approach to managing the big picture, you must also address the unique realities of each commodity origin and context. Your company will likely have business-wide sustainability policies, … Continued

Weaving together environmental and social good practices for an ethical supply chain Managing a supply chain is rarely a seamless process. Even as you work toward your business objectives and focus on the bottom line, you also have to set goals, develop systems, and implement practices for corporate responsibility. Being a good corporate citizen is … Continued

Building an ethical supply chain is a marathon, not a sprint.  As with a marathon, you have to prepare before you head for the starting line—familiarizing yourself with the landscape, learning the ground rules, and designing a program to help you go the distance. The Accountability Framework provides companies with the guidance they need to … Continued

Over the past decade, hundreds of companies that produce, trade, and purchase agricultural and forestry commodities have made commitments to ethical supply chains. Yet, for many, the path from commitments to action to results has been a rocky one. To help overcome these challenges, a coalition of NGOs launched the Accountability Framework in June 2019 … Continued

How can we make greater progress on ethical supply chains? Greater collaboration. From the AFi blog, learn how we are highlighting the fundamental need for collaboration in transforming supply chains.

How you can apply the Framework, the AFi's call to action for ethical supply change, joint webinars, and more from the AFi blog.

Leading NGOs call on companies to follow the Accountability Framework to end ecosystem destruction and human rights violations in the production, trade, and finance of beef, palm oil, pulp, timber, soy, and other commodities

The official launch of the Accountability Framework, the AFi featured in a Ceres webinar, AFi at the Global Forest Watch Summit, and more from the AFi blog.

A global coalition of NGOs announces launch of the Accountability Framework, a practical roadmap for companies to achieve ethical supply chain commitments in agriculture and forestry.

Many of us love chocolate chip cookies… even despite the guilt from those extra calories. Not to dissuade you from enjoying those treats, but there may be another kind of guilt hidden under the crispy and delicious surface of that store-bought cookie – consequences that are baked in with the ingredients.

The official launch of the Accountability Framework, a joint webinar between the AFi and CDP, the AFi at the Tropical Forest Alliance Annual Meeting 2019, and more from the AFi blog.

The AFi team recently engaged with stakeholders in West Africa, Southeast Asia, Europe, and North America to gather feedback on the Accountability Framework. Each of the consultation workshops included participants from across the private sector, production groups, civil society, and regional governments.