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Accelerate progress and improve accountability

The Accountability Framework is a set of common norms and guidance for establishing, implementing, and demonstrating progress on ethical supply chain commitments in agriculture and forestry.

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The Ethical
Supply Chain

For companies and others committed to eliminating deforestation, conversion of natural ecosystems, and human rights violations from supply chains, the path forward isn't always clear. The Accountability Framework provides a practical roadmap, offering Principles and Guidance at each stage of this ethical supply chain journey.


Set Commitments

Develop new commitments or refresh current commitments.


Take Action

Implement policies and practices to fulfill commitments.


Demonstrate Progress

Monitor and document progress in a credible way.
Take Journey

The Accountability

The Accountability Framework is a set of common norms and guidance for establishing, implementing, and monitoring ethical supply chain commitments. A set of Core Principles form the foundation of the Framework. Common Definitions ensure that companies set and apply commitments using accepted and appropriate terminology. And Operational Guidance accompanying the Principles provides supporting detail on putting it all into practice.

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As companies, we all want rules of the game. We all want to know what we can report against transparently to demonstrate to stakeholders that we're really making these efforts in our supply chains. The Accountability Framework allows us to do that in a really clear and detailed way.

— Jenna Hosier Jenna Hosier, Radish Lab


You work for a global company with a global supply chain—one that might span dozens of countries, regions, or commodity sectors. So even as you build a coherent approach to managing the big picture, you must also address the unique realities of each commodity origin and context. Your company will likely have business-wide sustainability policies, … Continued

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Building an ethical supply chain is a marathon, not a sprint.  As with a marathon, you have to prepare before you head for the starting line—familiarizing yourself with the landscape, learning the ground rules, and designing a program to help you go the distance. The Accountability Framework provides companies with the guidance they need to … Continued